Newton's Telecom Dictionary, Twenty-Eighth Edition
Newton's Telecom Dictionary, Twenty-Eighth  Edition
Newton's Telecom Dictionary is the "bible" of the telecommunications, networking, Internet, computer and information technology industry. The 27th edition has 26,978 definitions with 695 new definitions and about 1500 updates reflecting industry changes since the 26th edition. It not only defines terms, but explains them and puts the terms in the context of alternatives and often offers advice on getting the maximum benefit from the technology. Some of the definitions are actually mini-essays. All definitions - no matter how technical the term - are explained in words a non-engineer business person can understand. This makes the definitions understandable and addressable to everyone, including engineers who may come from a different field of engineering. If you're new or old to the cable telecommunications industry, you'll use this dictionary. Many of the new entries are in the new "hot" areas - 802.11 WiFi networks, IP voice/data/video, DOCSIS 3.0, Cloud services, MoCA and new local area networks . Newton's Telecom Dictionary has truly become an industry-standard dictionary. Ê Published 2013
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