SCTE•ISBE Learning and Development Committee

This committee is empowered to provide direction and input for all learning and development programs of the Society for the benefit of its members, chapters and the industry as a whole according to the objectives set forth in the Bylaws of the Society. The learning and development programs proposed by the committee should serve to raise the professional competence in the practice of individuals in the cable telecommunications industry and to encourage those individuals to continue their professional development. Any subcommittees or working groups necessary for professional development will report to this committee.


Company Year Name Title Email
Altice USA 2018 Andy Parrott (Chair) Corp. VP TechOps
Altice USA 2018 Jon McClanhan (FTTx Chair) Corp. Mgr. Training
Armstrong 2018 Damon Dosch Trainer
Armstrong 2018 Joe Battista Trainer
CableLabs 2018 Ralph Brown CTO
CableOne 2018 Starr Maus Mgr. Training
Charter 2018 Andrew Gough Mgr. Curriculum Dev.
Charter 2018 Tom Adams EVP FieldOps
Charter 2018 Nichole Blake Mgr. NetOps Training
Comcast 2018 Peter Negrete Exec. Dir. XOC
Comcast 2018 Rich LaPat (Chair Cert. Sub) VP L&D
Cotas 2018 Rolando Barja Engineering
Cox 2018 Walter Landry Dir. Technology Learning
MIDCO 2018 Tom Heier Corp. Eng. Mgr.
Prince Telcom 2018 Tom Fahrner Dir of Training
Rogers 2018 Firoozeh Khalily VP, Service and Maintenance
Shaw 2018 Glenn Ward HR & Training
Shentel 2018 Jeff Manning Director of Operations
Telecom SA 2018 Damian Gabriel Aguilar Cogan Technical Training Coordinator
Telecom SA 2018 Roberto Lopez Head of Standards and Training

BTS Working Group


Company Year Name Title Email
Altice USA 2018 Jon McClanhan Corp. Mgr. Training
Altice USA 2018 Richard Barton Dir of Ops
Altice USA 2018 Shane Bryan (BTS Chair) Dir. of Ops
Comcast 2018 Don Simmons Engineering Manager
Comcast 2018 Fatimah Rambo XOC Addressability, Engineer I
Comcast 2018 Jordan Kyu
Comcast 2018 Steve Zanetich Exec. Dir. TechOps
Cox 2018 Trae Webb Adv Tech Trainer

Certification Subcommittee
FTTx Working Group