Energy 2020 Case Studies Framework

Please reference the following SCTE/ISBE case study framework when submitting your case study document to SCTE Standards working groups in support of Energy 2020:

  • Executive Summary
  • Business and Project Background: Describe the business or technical issues, opportunities, objectives and context that precipitated the project or initiative.
  • Approach and Supporting Details: Describe the project or initiative that was implemented, who was involved, how was the project organized and what steps were taken. Include a description of the industry areas that are targeted by the solution such as office space, data center, hub/headend, access network and/or fleet Also describe what standards and operational practices were deployed or tested to drive outcomes and what changes, if any, should be made to those documents.
  • Results and Outcomes: Describe the outcomes of the initiative or project, including successes and lessons learned for the benefit of others.
  • Cost / Benefit Analysis: Show the cost /benefit analysis or model used to decide upon the project or initiative, and any alternative solution analysis considered (where applicable). Use relative dollar values or percentages rather than absolute or actual dollar values unless the case study owner has given permission for actual values to be shown.
  • Conclusion: List any additional conclusions and next steps.

Each case study should:

  • Align with program goals as determined by SCTE/ISBE
  • Be based on a real energy deployment and share positive or negative results 
  • Motivate action and/or interest from a target audience supporting energy program engagement and adoption
  • Help ‘fast track’ adoption cycles of key strategies and technologies
  • Support identification of new or revised standards and operating practices based on the case study experience

Submission does not guarantee publishing or distribution. SCTE/ISBE and leaders of the Energy 2020 Program will review and approve case studies that are published.

Questions and completed case studies should be submitted to Derek DiGiacomo. If your company is not a SCTE Standards Member, join the Standards Program to take advantage of this industry leading initiative – Learn More.