Proctor Code of Ethics


To uphold and advance the honor and dignity of the Society's Certification, I acknowledge that I will:

  • Adhere to high standards of ethical conduct;
  • Be honest and impartial and will serve my employer, the Society, and the industry with devotion and integrity;
  • Strive to increase the competence and prestige of the profession;
  • Endeavor to aid the professional development of others;
  • Disclose affiliations that influence my judgment;
  • Earnestly endeavor to aid the work of the Society;
  • Uphold and abide by the rules of the certification program;
  • Enforce all rules covering the exam procedures.

Failure to uphold this code of ethics will result in disciplinary action by SCTE headquarters under guidelines established by the Certification Subcommittee. Disciplinary Process

Potential proctors must commit to abide by the code of ethics upon application.


Proctors have access to confidential information and SCTE certification exam content and must agree to avoid disclosing, using or exploiting this information as described in the Proctor Confidential Information Agreement.

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