Proctor Eligibility Requirements

Anyone interested in becoming a proctor must submit a proctor application form to SCTE·ISBE headquarters. To be considered as a proctor, the individual must be an SCTE·ISBE member and meet at least one of the following criteria:


  • Current member of SCTE·ISBE’s Board of Directors
  • Current or Immediate Past President of a local chapter
  • Managers, supervisors, trainers, human resource professionals, or other employees who have an employment status above or removed from the testing candidates
  • Member of SCTE·ISBE headquarters staff
  • Senior or Fellow SCTE·ISBE member

SCTE·ISBE proctorship is valid for three years. Near the end of the three-year proctor period, SCTE·ISBE will send a notice about renewal to the email address on the proctor’s SCTE·ISBE profile. 

Proctors for Spanish exams should be fluent in Spanish, both orally and in writing.

If you meet the Proctor Eligibility Requirements, please continue to the next step and read the Online Certification Proctor Handbook.

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