The proctor ensures the credibility of SCTE’s certification process by administering and monitoring the testing of individuals. The proctor needs to be familiar with the SCTE certification process.

Day of Exam

Before beginning the exam, the proctor must:

  • Ensure that the computer used for taking exams meets the minimum requirements, is able to connect to the examination website and performs as expected throughout the examination period. In addition, ensure that the Internet Browser's "history" has been cleared.
  • Examine the candidate's company- or government-issued photo ID to ensure the individual taking the exam is the candidate of record.
  • Ensure that the memory is cleared from all calculators.
  • Review all resource materials.  Sample examinations from any source, including "prep" courses, are not allowed as notes during the testing session. The Internet may be used as a resource during the exam.
  • To aid those candidates who do not own the appropriate reference materials, the proctor may set up a reference table in the examination area. Only one person at a time is permitted at the reference table.

To initiate the testing, the proctor:

  • Assists the candidate as needed during the log in process on SCTE's website. The candidate must have already purchased the exam or must now purchase the exam online. Once the exam has been purchased, the candidate initiates the exam. Just prior to starting the exam, the website will require the proctor to log in.
  • Logs in to the exam website using the proctor account information given by SCTE when proctorship was approved. The proctor’s username always begins with "P" followed by the proctor’s SCTE member ID. The proctor’s password is the same password used to login to the SCTE website. The proctor login and account information must not be divulged to any other person by any means.
  • A proctor may not proctor his/herself.

During the exam, the proctor must:

  • Actively observe the candidate throughout the entire examination period.
  • Ensure that only the prescribed application required for completion of the exam is used throughout the entire duration of the exam. No additional software, programs or other applications are allowed to be active during the exam except for the web browser.
  • Prohibit sharing of materials between candidates.
  • Ensure candidates do not leave the testing room without exiting the testing program. Candidates who leave the testing room will not be allowed to continue any incomplete exam. 
  • Limit each candidate to a two (2) hour sitting (three hours for the Engineering Professional designations). If the exam has not been completed within the allotted time, the exam process will be terminated and graded as a completed exam.
  • Ensure the exam questions, answers or other exam-related information are not duplicated by any means including, but not limited to, email, screen capture or mechanical duplication.
  • Avoid reading any exam questions or providing assistance in answering exam questions.

At the conclusion of the exam, the proctor must:

  • Collect all scratch paper and calculator tape.

Accommodating Special Needs

Candidates may request reasonable accommodation when taking the exam if the applicant meets the criteria as described in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). A request for accommodation must be submitted in writing and must include a request for a specific kind of accommodation at least two weeks prior to testing. In addition, some form of medical documentation (i.e., doctor’s letter, health official’s record, etc.) must accompany the request. The certification program’s administrator, or designated representative, will determine if the disability is covered under the ADA and if the requested accommodation is reasonable. Finally, medical documentation associated with a request for accommodation will be verified. All requests for accommodation will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Use of a Translator

Use of a translator during an SCTE Certification exam is prohibited. An exception may be permissible if a candidate meets the criteria as described under the Americans with Disability Act (ADA).

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