Purchasing and Taking a Certification Exam


Follow the steps below to purchase and take an exam. You may take the Demo Exam and/or read about the exam platform to see how exams are administered.

  1. Read the Testing Policies Summary

  2. Locate a proctor who will oversee the testing process.

  3. Log in to the testing site

    • SCTE•ISBE Members and Returning SCTE•ISBE Certification Candidates
      If you are an SCTE•ISBE member or you have already taken an SCTE•ISBE certification exam or created an account, please log in.

    • First Time SCTE•ISBE Certification Candidates
      If this is your first SCTE•ISBE certification exam and you are not an SCTE•ISBE member, please begin by creating an account.

  4. Purchase the exam(s) you wish to take. Payment can be made with credit card or SCTE•ISBE approved Purchase Order.  Need assistance paying for certification?  SCTE•ISBE Foundation has resources.
    Certification Non-Member Member
    BPI - Broadband Premises Installer $110.00  $85.00 
    BPT - Broadband Premises Technician $110.00  $85.00 
    BPE - Broadband Premises Expert $135.00  $105.00 
    BCSS - Business Class Services Specialist $160.00  $120.00 
    BDS - Broadband Distribution Specialist $135.00  $105.00 
    BTS - Broadband Transport Specialist $160.00  $120.00 
    BTCS - Broadband TeleComm Center Specialist $160.00  $120.00 
    BWS- Broadband Wireless Specialist $110.00  $85.00 
    DEP - DOCSIS Engineering Professional $210.00  $160.00 
    DVEP - Digital Video Engineering Professional $210.00  $160.00 
    IPEP: Internet Protocol Engineering Professional $210.00  $160.00 
    Recertification (by application) $45.00  $30.00 
    Especialista en Distribución de Banda Ancha (BDS-Spanish) $135.00  $105.00 
    Instalador de Banda Ancha a Domicilio (BPI-Spanish) $110.00  $85.00 
    Remote Proctoring  $60.00  $45.00 

  5. Select  "Take an Exam" from your personal My Certification Homepage

About Your Results

You will immediately receive your exam results upon completion of an online exam.  All exams are graded pass or fail. To pass an exam, you must achieve a minimum score of 76 percent correct.  Your exam results will be released only to you, unless your request otherwise in writing.

If You Pass

  • SCTE•ISBE will mail a certificate and recognition insignia to you.
  • Your name will be added to SCTE•ISBE's website as a distinguished individual who has earned SCTE•ISBE certification.  

If You Fail

  • SCTE•ISBE will let you know which topics to study via email within one business day.

Equal opportunity will be provided to all certification candidates regardless of race, religion, sex, national origin, age, color, ancestry, mental or physical disability or handicap, veteran's status or any other classification protected by applicable law.