SCTE Online Proctoring Instructions

Purchase and schedule certification exam

  1. Purchase SCTE Exam. Purchase the exam and the remote proctoring product from SCTE. ( This step requires having a member username / login for SCTE, or an account. 


  2. Login in to ProctorU. Set up a username / login with ProctorU ( 
  3. Schedule Exam.  Login to ProctorU and schedule the exam.
  • This should be completed after purchasing the exam and remote proctoring product from SCTE, and at least 72 hours prior to taking the exam, or additional fees will be charged by ProctorU when scheduling the exam, payable only by credit card at the time of scheduling.
    • If taking the exam with a group/class be sure to select the specifically-dated exam when scheduling

Online Testing Process Overview

  • Log in to SCTE. When ready to test, log in to and select “Take an Exam.” You will be requested to have the proctor enter their login and password.
  • Log in to ProctorU, select scheduled exam and begin communication with the ProctorU proctor.
    • The remote proctor will begin a Chat session and verify your identity and location, and download temporary files to your computer.
    • IMPORTANT: You must have two forms of current photo IDs, a computer with a webcam, a mirror or cell phone with camera if the webcam is built into the computer, and the ability to install software. Also, if NOT taking the exam with a group or class you must be in a room with a door by yourself.
    • The remote proctor will enter their login and password to the SCTE exam site.
  • Take Exam. Once the proctor logs in, the exam launches and questions are presented one at a time. The remote proctor will monitor your activity until the conclusion of the exam.
    • The count-down clock is visible throughout the exam and flashes brightly 30 minutes, 15 minutes, 5 minutes, and constantly during the final minute, prior to the end of the exam.
  • Submit Exam. At the conclusion of the exam, click the "Submit" button.
  • Review Exam Results. Test results are provided instantly in a pass or fail format and are automatically sent to your email address in SCTE’s records. You also have the option to email the results to other addresses at that time. In the event you do not pass the exam, the results screen and email contain more detailed information indicating which certification categories you should review.
  • End Online Proctor Session. After receiving test results alert the remote proctor via the chat window that you have completed the exam. The proctor will validate your status and remove temporary software. At this point the ProctorU session can be ended.