Broadband TelecomCenter Specialist Study Resources

Focus on the topics in the exam curriculum that you need to study the most.  You may rely upon local technical sessions and certification study groups at SCTE·ISBE chapters to build your knowledge. In addition, national SCTE·ISBE onsite and online training courses, vendor training, books and archived webinars as well as education at SCTE·ISBE events, on-the-job training, publications and other technical resources may help prepare candidates for certification.

Broadband TelecomCenter Specialist Program Description

Most effective study resource:
Broadband TelecomCenter Specialist Course

Secondary study resources (some topics):
Network Specialist (CompTIA Network+) 
Modern Cable Television Technology, Second Edition 
SCTE·ISBE Measurement Recommended Practices for Cable Systems
Newton’s Telecom Dictionary

Online study resources (some topics):

Oscilloscope Basics

An individual who uses the suggested study resources has reasonable assurance that a significant number of exam topics are covered throughout the study resources.

Equal opportunity will be provided to all certification candidates regardless of race, religion, sex, national origin, age, color, ancestry, mental or physical disability or handicap, veteran's status or any other classification protected by applicable law.