Chapter Cable-Tec Games

Cable-Tec Games is a fun, learning opportunity. Below are a few helpful tools for conducting your own Chapter Cable-Tec Games.

Cable-Tec Games Handbook (.pdf) – Everything you need to know about conducting Cable-Tec Games.
Score Sheet (.xls) – An electronic score sheet able to tabulate all events and provide overall and individual event winners. Submit this scoresheet to Headquarters for matrix credit and International Games consideration.
Liability Waiver (.doc) – All competitors should complete a Liability Waiver (also available in the handbook).
Medals Order Form (.pdf) - Medals are provided by SCTE•ISBE, but the chapter must pay for engraving (also available in the handbook).
Sample Certificate – The Greater Chicago Chapter hands out certificates to their cable-Tec game participants.
Cable Jeopardy Order Form - Cable Jeopardy needs to be ordered separately (also available in the handbook).
Suggested Team Event Order – The West Virginia Mountaineer Chapter provides teams with a suggested timing and order for each event.
Score Sheets for Individual Events - Score sheets for each of the Cable-Tec Games. These are also available in the Cable-Tec Games Handbook.
Local Winner Info Sheet – Ask the winner of your chapter’s Games to complete and return this info sheet to headquarters.