Digital Basics and DOCSIS Fundamentals

Discover the models at work in deploying data over telecommunications networks throughout this two-day seminar. Attendees learn the principles of digital signals and data transmission, for a better understanding of data transport protocols over local and wide area networks. Learners discuss the benefits of digital vs. analog, calculate analog-to-digital-conversion and examine digital modulation techniques. High-speed data over cable networks using DOCSIS; cable modems is also covered.

Delivery Formats for Groups and Teams

This course is available when a company or SCTE chapter contracts to host it for a group of participants.

  • Onsite: Technical instruction from industry experts delivered directly to employees at your facility or the location of your choice.
  • Virtual Classroom: Regardless of where your technical teams are located they can receive live, instructor-led training through online delivery technologies.

Contact SCTE at to request a training proposal. Please provide:

  • Location where training will occur
  • Number of participants in the class
  • Name of training course

Individuals can attend one of SCTE's many online, Self-Paced courses

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