Corning Corporate Alliance Program


The information below provides you with the summary of the join/renewal process for your organization, as well as any enhancements you will experience with your membership. 


Active 2016 SCTE members will remain members under the Corporate Alliance Program. If for any reason, you haven’t been renewed through the program, please contact

If you are interested in becoming a member of SCTE, follow the instructions below.


To join as a Corporate Alliance Member

  1. Create an account. Please be sure to enter your Corning email address and choose Corning as your company from the Primary Organization field in order for your Corporate Alliance Membership to process correctly (to do this, type the first five letters CORNI of your company name and choose it from the list that appears). IF YOU SELECT ANY OTHER ORG NAME, or type the entire name, THE PROMO CODE WILL NOT WORK!
  2. Complete your Member Profile and Professional Affiliation.
  3. Select CAP as your membership type and hit Apply.
  4. Copy this code: CORNINGMBR17 and enter this code in the box that states validate eligibility for Corporate Alliance Membership. 
  5. Click Submit to activate membership.

Start the join process