ANSI/SCTE 224 Event Scheduling and Notification Interface


Audience, Action, and Metadata Schemas

An Audience is a set of characteristics, which together define a subset of users. An Audience may be characterized in many ways. For example, bound to geography, device or device capability.

An Action defines rules, restrictions, and allowances or other process to be applied against an identified set of Audience(s).

Metadata is information used to provide additional information about the item identified.

The following schemas define common ways to characterize audiences, actions, and metadata to be used along with ANSI/SCTE 224. These schemas are intended to expand over time with input from the general community.





Action/Audience/Metadata schemas extensibility

Extensibility of the Action/Audience/Metadata schemas made available through SCTE/ISBE is achieved through a streamlined process and the use of a change request form all available below.

Action/Audience/Metadata schema management process

Change request form

Example of change request form

Request signing reference implementation

The examples contained in the following artifacts provide a reference implementation of the request signing outlined in ANSI/SCTE 224 standard Appendix B.

The code example provided below outlines how to generate the signature value which shall be added to the request with the Authorization header. Adding the Authorization header to the HTTP request is referred to as signing the request.


SCTE 224 Schema Archive

The current and former schemas are listed below. The most recent version is on top and is identical to the one at

For backwards compatibility, the original schema (20151115) is also available at

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