Data Standards Subcommittee (DSS)

Subcommittee Chair: 

David Fellows 

:  Data Standards Subcommittee develops standards for the delivery of digital service for supporting high-speed data, video, VoIP, and other services over cable networks.


Working Groups:
1 - Internet of Things (IoT)
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Current Projects: DSS plans to standardize the latest generation of DOCSIS.  These standards define the fourth generation of high-speed data-over-cable systems, referred to as DOCSIS 3.1.  These specifications benefit the cable industry, and include contributions by operators and vendors from North and South America, Europe and Asia.  This generation of DOCSIS builds upon previously ANSI/SCTE approved generations of DOCSIS standards (DOCSIS 3.0 and earlier), leveraging the existing Media Access Control (MAC) and Physical (PHY) layers, with the addition of a new PHY layer designed to improve spectral efficiency and provide better scaling for larger bandwidths.  Below is a list of active projects within the subcommittee:

  • New Standard DSS 14-01 – DOCSIS 3.1 Part 1: Physical Layer Specification
  • New Standard DSS 14-02 – DOCSIS 3.1 Part 2: Media Access Control (MAC) and Upper Layer Protocols Interface Specification
  • New Standard DSS 14-03 – DOCSIS 3.1 Part 3: Cable Modem OSSI Specification
  • New Standard DSS 14-04 – DOCSIS 3.1 Part 4: CCAP OSSI Specification