Energy Management Subcommittee (EMS)

Subcommittee Chair: 
David Mendo 
Sr Director – NDCI&S East & Central 
Comcast Cable Inc.

Energy Management Subcommittee is responsible for identifying standards and operational practices for reducing power consumption and costs, increasing operating efficiency and recognizing sustainable actions to both support business and the environment.


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Working Groups:

1 – Energy Metrics, Data Collection & Reporting
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2 – Access Network Efficiency
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3 – Alternate Energy
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4 – Energy in Operations
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5 – Adaptive Power Systems Interface Specification  (APSISTM)
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6 – Facility Climate Technology Optimization
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Current Projects:  As one of the newer subcommittees within the SCTE Standards Program, EMS is very active in developing standards and recommended practices geared towards helping organizations reduce waste, decrease energy consumption and maintain highly efficient networks.  With the roll out of the Energy 2020 program, EMS has several new projects ahead.  Below is a list of active projects within the subcommittee:

  • New Standard EMS 003 – Adaptive Power System Interface Specification (APSIS™)
  • New Standard EMS 004 – Energy and Density Benchmark Measurement
  • New Recommended Practice EMS 005 – 380 Volt DC Specification for Cable Telecommunications Networks


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