Network Operations Subcommittee (NOS)

Subcommittee Chair: 
Ron Hranac
Technical Leader, Cable Access Business Unit
Cisco Systems, Inc.


The Society’s Network Operations Subcommittee is responsible for standards, operational practices, and related documents and information that provide support for the implementation and operation of cable networks. The NOS focuses on network testing, measurements, business continuity, disaster recovery, and other topics relevant to the performance and operational management of cable networks.

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Working Groups:
1 – Test Measurements
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2 – Emergency Alert System
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3 – Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery
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4 – HFC Management
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5 – HFC Readiness for DOCSIS 3.1
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6 – Wireless
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7 – Proactive Network Maintenance (PNM)
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Current Projects: NOS Working Group 1 (Measurements) is developing projects to address the use of newly available sophisticated test equipment technology, creating new recommended practices for measurements on fiber networks, and incorporating innovative testing regimes in response to changing regulations. WG1 is developing recommended practices documents such as RP 103, "Outside Plant Power Supply Preventative Maintenance" and a technical report that will be used as a basis for future best practices development, RP 104, "UHF/LTE Leakage and Ingress."

NOS Working Group 2 (Emergency Alert Systems) is comprised of the former EAS subcommittee and continues to support information dissemination related to the new federal Integrated Public Alert and Warning System.

NOS Working Group 3 (Business Continuity Planning/Disaster Recovery) is chartered to develop best practices for building and maintaining networks for maximum "up-time" and shortest mean time to repair following natural or man-made disasters.

WG3 has a document in process appropriately entitled "Cable Operator Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Recommended Practices."

NOS will also be absorbing the HFC Management Subcommittee’s (HMS) legacy work that covers network equipment status monitoring databases and communications protocols and carrying out maintenance of published standards.

Below is a list of active projects within the subcommittee:

  • New Recommended Practice NOS RP 102 – Business Continuity and Disaster Preparedness for Network Operators
  • New Recommended Practice NOS RP 104 – UHF Leakage and Ingress Detection and Mitigation Recommended Practices
  • New Recommended Practices for HFC Network Readiness for Higher Orders of Modulation
  • New Standard NOS SP 001 – Internet Protocol Interconnection