SCTE Emergency Management & Disaster Recovery Resources

The Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers is the technical and applied science leader for the cable telecommunications industry through excellence in professional development, standards, certification, and information. 

The cable telecommunications networks that SCTE members organizations operate are some of the largest in the world and serve millions of subscribers. These networks provide the voice, data, and video services subscribers depend on each and every day to communicate with the world. During times of crisis the services these networks enable are essential to sharing timely information and communications to assist communities. Cable telecommunications networks are critical to keeping local residents informed of safety procedures during emergencies, disasters, and other significant incidents.

Emergency Management & Disaster Recovery Planning: The Importance of Working with Cable System Operators

This video was produced in partnership with leading cable system operators and demonstrates how establishing working relationships between local and state government agencies and cable operators can enhance cooperation before, during and after incidents. These relationships will significantly strengthen responses to natural disasters and other telecommunications system outages.





Contact Your Local Cable System Operators

If you would like to be put in touch with your local cable system operators, SCTE will assist in making the connection to establish this relationship.

For more information on how to get involved with the cable telecommunication industry’s emergency management and disaster recovery activities, please contact Derek DiGiacomo at