Energy 2020 Chapter Engagement

Developed as a multi-year campaign through the SCTE Energy Management Program, Energy 2020 aims to provide cable system operators with the energy management standards, technology innovation, organizational solutions and training that look to help the cable industry meet Energy 2020’s goals.

The Energy 2020 Programs is looking to further engage the SCTE chapters and local membership. A new volunteer role has been created to help with these efforts: the Energy Chapter Liaison. 

For more information, a short 6 minute video is also available.

Additionally, click here for recent Energy 2020 bulletins as an example of some of the information that will be shared with Energy Chapter Liaisons, in addition to the robust Energy 2020 toolkit

If you are interested in being an Energy Chapter Liaison please email Derek DiGiacomo, Senior Director, Information Systems and Energy Management Program at

To learn more information about the Energy 2020 program, click here  or email