Energy In Practice Webinar Series

Insights from US DOE National Renewable Energy Laboratories (NREL)

Renewable energy is continuing to be explored and deployed as part of the SCTE ISBE Energy 2020 Program. Join Derek DiGiacomo in this webinar that looks at the various resources from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) that can help the cable industry make scientific decisions on where and when to deploy renewable energy solutions.


Strategy for Procurement of Renewable Energy

When looking at incorporating renewable energy into corporate and Energy 2020 objectives, taking a portfolio approach makes a lot of sense. Join Amy Haddon (Renewable Choice) and Derek DiGiacomo (SCTE ISBE) in the discussion reviewing the various strategies to source renewable energy across your energy footprint to get the biggest benefit for both environment and bottom line.


Facility Energy Planning and Cost Avoidance Strategies

Energy projects can benefit both the bottom line and the environment. Efficiency gains can be achieved with simple approaches to day to day activities in critical facilities. Join Ben Strunk in the next Energy in Practice Webinar Series edition to review Facility Energy Planning and Cost Avoidance Strategies performed at Comcast in support of the Energy 2020 program.


Overview of EMS Standards and Operational Practices

SCTE’s Energy Management Subcommittee has published via the ANSI accredited Standards Program 19 documents in support of the Energy 2020 goals. Join Ian Oliver, Managing Director, The Trenchant Group and Derek DiGiacomo for this informative 19-minute webinar reviewing how to best navigate and approach the documents from a logical point of view.

SCTE 213 - Facilities Metric Success Story, Charter Communications

SCTE/ISBE’s Energy in Practice Webinar Series features real world application and lessons learned based on SCTE/ISBE Energy Standards and Operational Practices. Derek DiGiacomo (SCTE/ISBE) is joined by Charter Communication’s Ryan Capone, Director, Critical Infrastructure Engineering to discuss the application of ANSI/SCTE 213 2015: Edge and Core Facilities Energy Metrics.