SCTE•ISBE Energy Management Program

Energy is vital to the future success of cable and SCTE is leading the way by forging industry alliances to overcome energy challenges. SCTE Energy Management is the cable industry's voice and strategic plan for improving energy management. This program is intended to drive the creation of industry awareness, standards and vendor solutions that help operators manage power, density and performance growth in a manner that is beneficial for cable telecommunications businesses and the environment. 

What is Energy Management and Energy 2020?:

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Make Energy Management a Priority for Your Company 

Rising energy costs are a reality and something every telecommunications business will have to address. Through best practices, standards, and leadership efforts SCTE Energy Management can help organizations better understand and manage costs, improve efficiencies and increase profitability.  Save your company money and conserve energy by joining the movement towards a more efficient cable industry.


Energy 2020: Powering Cable’s Success

What is Energy 2020?
Energy 2020 is a multi-year campaign developed by the SCTE Energy Management Program to provide cable system operators with the new standards, technology innovation, organizational solutions and training desired to drive continued cable telecommunications network growth, availability and reliability. 

Program Mission:  To envision and enable what energy will look like in cable in the year 2020.  Targeting maximum customer uptime and enabling capacity growth via successful organizational, customer and environmental energy solutions.

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How Did Energy Management Begin?:
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Purchase the SCTE Energy Management Recommended Practices for Cable Facilities—Visit the SCTE Bookstore. Download the SCTE Pocket Guide – Network and Facilities Power Reference GuideGet Your Guide

Test Your Energy Management Knowledge
SCTE and its partner Alpha Technologies have created the Energy Trivia Challenge to test your knowledge of power, density, and performance growth to help educate you on how to control costs and improve efficiencies—Take the Challenge.

Getting to Yes on Energy 2020
By Ron Rizzuto

Smart Energy
By Daniel Howard

Companies and Organizations

Shape Future Energy Technology: Join the SCTE Standards Program
SCTE Standards is seeking new members to help develop recommended practices and standards in key energy-management and other exciting areas. Join the program to save your company money and get ahead of energy-efficient technologies—Join SCTE Standards.

Educate the Industry: Work with SCTE on Energy Education & Best Practices
Expand the awareness of energy-management and position your brand as a leader by developing education and training programs with SCTE. Your company can create a course or primer on energy topics relevant to your interests—contact SCTE about Education and Training Partnerships.

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Show your company's leadership in the energy management market by connecting your brand to SCTE Energy Management through sponsorship of related events and activities or advertising with SCTE—Learn More  or Contact SCTE Business Development.

Show Your Industry Leadership: Exhibit at SCTE Cable-Tec Expo®
Make your presence known in the growing marketplace of energy efficient products and services by exhibiting—Reserve Your Exhibit Space or participate at the SCTE Cable-Tec Expo—Contact SCTE Energy Management.

Share Your Knowledge: Speak at an SCTE Industry Event
Secure your company's position at the forefront of cable's energy movement by speaking at Cable-Tec Expo or other SCTE industry-wide event—SCTE Call for Papers .