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Official archives of articles and columns written by Ron Hranac for Communications Technology and some of its sister publications, published by Access Intelligence, LLC. Reprinted with permission of the author.

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January: Mid-Day Report Ron's SCTE Cable-Tec Expo Wrap-Up

February: Understanding Real World MER Measurements (Part 1)1Q12 Communications Technology

March: Untangling Some of the Confusion

May: Understanding Real World MER Measurements (Part 2) 2Q12 Communications Technology; A Leak Is A Leak…Or Is It? Mid-Day Report

July: The Antenna Factor 3Q12 Communications Technology

August: Even More On LTE Interface

October: Spectral Efficiency 4Q12 Communications Technology

November: What is OFDM? Mid-Day Report


January: Understanding Constant Power-Per-Carrier

February: What’s A Codeword Or Two Among Friends? ; ‘Did You Know?’Q&A Wrap-Up: Hranac Tackles The Tough Ones Feature

March: Our Old Friend CNR

April: Digital Proofs or Not: (Part 1)

May: Digital Proofs or Not: (Part Two)

June: Just How Strong is that Ingress?

July: dBmV: Voltage or Power? (Part 1)

August/September: dBmV: Voltage or Power? (Part 2)

October: Some Thoughts on LTE Interface

November: Some Thoughts on LTE Interface (Part 2)

December: What is RF? It's Like Magic


January: Is MER Overrated?

February: F Connector Tightness

March: Velocity of Propagation

April: Total Power and Channel Bonding

May: A Quarter Century of Words

June: Digital Levels in the Aeronautical Bands

July: When Digital Really Is Analog and Other Things You May Not Know

August: Total Power and Channel Bonding: A Follow-Up Lesson

September: Update: The Interference Report Card

October: A Novel Approach to Troubleshooting LInear Distortions

November: Why Use Terminators?

December: Cable-Tec Expo Show Pics


January: DTV Transition

February: Signal Leakage in an All-Digital Network

March: Report Card: Making the HDTV Plunge

April: Another Look at Upstream 64-QAM

May: Signal Leakage in an All Digital Network: The Continuing Story; "QAM Signals on Spectrum Analyzers" feature

June: It's a 'Green' Thing

July: Upstream CNR

August: Making MER Better: Part 1

September: Making MER Better: Part II

October: Happy Birthday SCTE!

November: What is a Micro-Reflection?

December: Cable-Tec Expo Show Picks


January: Chemistry Class

February: RF CNR vs Baseband Video SNR

March: Transient Voltage Surge Suppression

April: Silly Cable Tech Terms

May: The Grounding Effectiveness at RF

June: The Mathematics of Field Strength Measurements

July: Finding Spectrum for Channel Bonding

August: Cable-Tec Expo Show Picks

September: How Fast is RF?

October: Total Power

November: Total Power Part 2

December: Counting Channels


January: Modulation Error Ratio

February: Equalized or Unequalized That is the Question

March: SCTE Active Status

April: Upstream 64-QAM Success Story

May: What's a QAM?

June: Big Numbers and Small Numbers; Digital Transmission, Part 1Part One feature, Currivan/Hranac paper

July: The Need for Speed; Digital Transmission Part 2 feature, Currivan/Hranac paper

July: The Need for Speed

August: Cable-Tec Expo Show Picks; DOCSIS 3.0: How to Weigh the Costs and Benefits feature, Bob Loveless

September: What's Your CNR?

October: A Closer Look at BER Part 1

November: A Closer Look at BER Part 2

December: Service Availability


January: Those Pesky Bit Errors

February: VolP Service Calls

March: DOCSIS 30

April: CMTS Upstream SNR Revisited

May: Cable Modem Upstream Signal Levels

June: More on Cable Modem Upstream Signal Levels; Digital Troubleshooting, Part 1 feature

July: Self Terminating Taps and Micro-reflections; Troubleshooting Digitally Modulated Signals, Part 2

August: Expo Show Picks

September: One for the X-Files

October: The Power of QAM

November: Migrating to All Digital

December: Migrating to All Digital Part 2


January: Signal Leackage and the VolP

February: Confessions and a Great Customer Service Story

March: Does Cable Need Its Own Geek Squad?

April: Advanced PHY

May: 450,000 Words Later...

June: Online Resources

Linear Liniear Distortions, Part 1

August: Expo 2005 Show Picks; Linear Distortions, Part 2 feature

September: Downstream Power Measurements

October: Return Loss

November: Self Installs: Necessary Evil or Unnecessary Evil?

December: Impedance Mismatches and Reflections


January: Losing the Last Mile War

February: Farewell, Memories and Western Show Picks

March: Microreflections and 16-QAM

April: Power and Grounding

May: Tackling Serious Ingress

June: Digitally Modulated Carrier CNR

July: Wi-Fi Security

August: Expo '04 Show Picks

September: Making the Best Better

October: VolP Reliability

November: Deploying VolP Reliability on the Outside Plant Part 2

December: BPL: The New Kid on the Block


February: Broadband Plus Show Picks

March: CNR Versus SNR

April: Interference Report Card

May: DOCSIS Set-top Gateway

June: A Trip to the Library

July: Expo '03: Broadband Engineering Looks Fit in Philly

August: Frequency Offsets

September: Spectrum Analyzer CNR Versus CMTS SNR

September: More on CMT SNR

November: IP Train

December: Wordsmith