Promote Your SCTE•ISBE Certification

Market Your Expertise and Advance Your Career

The industry recognizes SCTE•ISBE and its certifications as the industry's premier benchmark for proving knowledge. Once you are certified, SCTE•ISBE will recognize your certification achievements and help you stand out. SCTE•ISBE will mail you a certificate and a certification patch to display your designation and will include your name in the searchable database of certified individuals  on SCTE•ISBE's website. If you're an SCTE•ISBE member, you will be recognized for your achievement in SCTE•ISBE's member newsletter, SCTE•ISBE Interval , and the SCTE•ISBEMember Directory. You may display your certifications on any personal business identification, presentations, literature or promotional material as long as you do not infer that other individuals, employee teams, your company or its products and services are certified.

Once SCTE•ISBE-certified, you will be able to promote your achievement using the following methods:

Personal Identification: Display your credentials initials following your name and when writing your signature (e.g., John Doe, BPT, BPE, BDS).
Personal Communications: Add SCTE•ISBE certification logos to your email signature, business cards, folders and personal letterhead or website.
Display Your Certification Certificate(s): Once you receive your certificate you can display the original or framed color copies proudly in your office, hallway, meeting area or on the bulletin board in your company break room.
Promote Your Certification at Work: Show off your expertise to your colleagues and customers by adding the proper certification logos to your company ID badge, nametag and uniform, or add it to your office door, window, work truck or company vehicle.
Your Company: Post or publish your accomplishment through your company. You may be honored with recognition in a company newsletter and/or advancement opportunities within your company or organization. if they don't already have a program in place, inform your employer of the benefits of SCTE•ISBE certifications.
Your SCTE•ISBE Chapter: Local SCTE•ISBE Chapters may recognize newly certified individuals on their website or publish them in member communications.
Local Media Exposure: Contact your local newspaper or other news source.
National Media Exposure: SCTE•ISBE promotes expert industry knowledge whenever possible and has regular opportunities to provide press exposure for its members. Join SCTE•ISBE and become SCTE•ISBE-certified to be part of this elite group.

SCTE•ISBE Certification Logos

As a newly SCTE•ISBE-certified professional you can stand out from the crowd by identifying yourself as SCTE•ISBE-certified. Displaying the logo(s) of your certification(s) on personal business materials and communications so your colleagues and customers can recognize your achievements.
Download SCTE•ISBE Certification Logos

SCTE•ISBE Certification Press Releases

To help its newly certified professionals gain recognition for their achievements SCTE•ISBE has created press release templates for individuals, SCTE•ISBE Chapters and companies to maximize the potential for media coverage and publicity.

Download SCTE•ISBE Certification Press Release Templates
Individual—SCTE•ISBE Member
Individual—SCTE•ISBE Non-Member
SCTE•ISBE Chapter—Multiple SCTE•ISBE Members
Company—Multiple Employees

SCTE•ISBE Certification Promotion Tips

Learn how SCTE•ISBE-certified members stand out by promoting their certifications. Stay tuned for SCTE•ISBE member articles and tips. To submit your story, e-mail

SCTE•ISBE Certification Promotion Examples

SCTE•ISBE Certification Certificate
Name Badge
Business Card
E-mail Signature
Company Work Truck