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7/27/2021Iowa Heartland Chapter Wi-Fi 6 Training  IAT072721
7/28/2021Cactus Chapter Copper Ethernet Cable Certification  CCT072821
7/28/2021Cascade Chapter Micro-Training R-PHY & Distributed Access  CST072821
7/28/2021Chattahoochee Q3 Technical Session ALL THINGS PON  CTT072821
7/28/2021High Plains Chapter Lift Truck TrainingKSDodge CityHP07282021
7/28/2021Louisiana Chapter Outside Plant Broadband System Powering  LAT042821
7/29/2021Central Indiana Focusing on the Customer Experience  CIT072921
7/29/2021High Plains Chapter Lift Truck TrainingKSHaysHP072921
7/29/2021Snake River Chapter High-split Architecture Part 2  SK072921
7/30/2021Golden Gate Chapter RPHY  GGT073021
8/3/2021Sooner Chapter Operator & Safety School on Aerial Devices  SNT080321
8/4/2021South Florida Chapter Optimizing Your Tools, Mastering Tips  SFT080421
8/4/2021Smoky Mountain Chapter Wireless Networks At the Premises  SMT080421
8/11/2021Ark-La-Tex Chapter OSP Amplifier Power, Specs and BalancingTXTylerATT072121
8/11/2021Chesapeake Chapter Beyond RPHY • What’s Next?  CHT081121
8/11/2021Golden Gater Chapter HFC Overview  GGT081021
8/11/2021Great Valleys Chapter Safety Training - Coronavirus Updates  GVT081121
8/12/2021Great Lakes Chapter Cell Backhaul, Metro E & Adv. Service  GLT081221
8/18/2021Dixie Chapter TDR Use Basics  DXT081821
8/18/2021Mt Rainier Chapter Improving Capacity & The Future of DAA  MRT081821
8/19/2021Buckeye State Chapter Network Amplifiers  BKT081921
8/19/2021Crystal Coast Chapter Meeting OSHA Guidelines 2021  CRT081921
8/24/2021Cactus Chapter Troubleshooting Noise OSP  CCT082421
8/24/2021Sam Houston Chapter OTDR Fundamentals  SHT082421
8/25/2021Chattahoochee Chapter Virtual Vendor ShowGAStone MountainCTV082521
8/25/2021Razorback Chapter 10G and Beyond  RZT082521
8/26/2021Rocky Mountain Chapter Residential WiFi/CBRS  RMT082621
9/1/2021Smoky Mountain Chapter Cable Telephony and PacketCable  SMT090121
9/8/2021Razorback Chapter Vendor Day, Cable-Tec Games 2021ARConwayRZV033121
9/9/2021Sierra Chapter Golf Outing Event 2021CAStocktonSIG072021

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