SCTE•ISBE Event and Product Discounts

SCTE•ISBE looks out for its member's best interests first. Members receive deeply discounted rates on all SCTE events, education and training courses, programs and materials.

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SCTE•ISBE Partner Discounts

AS a benefit, members may also have access to discounts and savings opportunities offered by SCTE•ISBE partners or top industry companies. All discount programs, rates and prices are subject to change without notice.

When using SCTE•ISBE partner discount programs you may be asked to verify SCTE•ISBE membership or identify yourself as a member of the Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers.

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SCTE•ISBE Affinity Programs

SCTE•ISBE benefits its members by partnering with organizations on promotions and discount programs that benefit their businesses and careers. SCTE•ISBE is committed to help its members cut costs and save money whenever possible. These corporate relationships are formed to meet the needs of SCTE•ISBE members who share similar interests and by taking advantage of these programs members can realize a quick return on their investments and unparalleled savings on many products and services used daily.

Stay tuned for more information on new SCTE•ISBE Affinity Programs.