SCTE Course Delivery Methods

SCTE offers flexible training options through delivery methods that make learning new technologies fast and convenient.

SCTE understands the industry's technical education needs and the high demands placed on cable telecommunications professionals to keep up with staggering pace of today's evolving technology. That is why SCTE delivers technical content and expert instruction over the Internet, at your company, or at SCTE and partner classrooms, enabling you and your team to gain the skills you need where, when, and how you want them.

Choose the delivery methods that match your training goals, learning style, and budget, or talk to one of our professional development staff about developing learning solutions tailored to your organization.

Delivery Methods for Groups and Teams

Onsite Classroom
Take advantage of world-class technical instruction from industry experts delivered directly to employees at your facility or the locations of your choice.

  • Experience the benefits of cost-effective, results-driven group training
  • Receive technical training that meets your organization's business requirements
  • Make scheduling training convenient by bringing technical content in-house to your staff whenever you want it
  • Focus on educating smaller technical teams
  • Develop and customize a complete company-wide training program
  • Tailor onsite courses to fit your organization's specific business requirements by working with SCTE subject-matter experts to customize content

Virtual Classroom
Regardless of where your technical teams are located they can receive live, instructor-led training through online delivery technologies that create an environment built to maximize the learning experience.

  • Save money by eliminating travel time and expenses
  • Experience high-level virtual training over several consecutive days, or schedule the training intermittently over a longer span of days if you need to reduce the time your technical staff is away from its work at any one time
  • Learn in a focused environment at or near your facility utilizing methods that best fit your team's learning style  
  • Stream premium technical content from a broad range of in-depth cable telecommunications courses
  • Increase learning opportunities by interacting in real time with industry-leading SCTE instructors
  • Work with knowledgeable SCTE professional development staff members to develop the right training solutions for your technical teams

SCTE Classroom
Provide the in-person instruction and knowledge that you and your technical staff need to stay ahead through onsite training at SCTE or partner classroom locations.

  • Study telecommunication technologies in focused learning environments
  • Leverage SCTE's industry connections and broad reach to build training for your staff on specific technologies
  • Receive interactive education face-to-face with renowned industry experts and experienced instructors
  • Learn new technology topics through results-oriented course content
  • Use hands-on labs and exercises to learn the latest technologies and best practices

Boot Camp
Save your workforce time when transitioning from training to on-the-job work and get your technical teams up to speed on new technologies by having your staff complete onsite course content in a shorter timeframe.

  • Train your technical staff quickly on key cable telecommunication technologies
  • Hit the ground running on new product and service deployments by decreasing the time it takes to get your staff working in the field
  • Focus employees using an intense blended learning approach that includes required pre-and post-course work, self-study, and onsite instructor
  • Discover how pre and post course activities speed-up and extended learning well after the classroom experience has ended


Delivery Methods for Individual Professionals

Self-Paced Online
If your time is limited, don't wait. You can train at your own pace by receiving unmatched technical content delivered online directly to your computer or device.

  • Learn the technical topics you need to advance your telecommunications career and keep up with today's fast-paced technologies
  • Discover how this flexible delivery method can easily fit into your daily routine
  • Train online on your own during breaks and downtime at work or after business hours at home
  • Experience the convenience of accessing technical content through online presentations, learning exercises and knowledge assessments
  • Choose from self-paced courses that start and stop at specific scheduled times, courses that begin anytime, or courses that include live, weekly scheduled sessions where you can engage in discussion and interact with a certified instructor
  • Contact an instructor for questions or discussion at anytime during these courses