Standards FAQ

What is an SCTE standard?

An SCTE standard is an industry-recognized set of rules or guidelines pertaining to but not limited to definitions and terminology, methods of measurement and testing, products, systems, technology rating structures, thermal limits and applications guides, recommended practices, materials, and safety

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How are SCTE standards created?
SCTE standards are developed, approved, and maintained by volunteer subject matter experts who are employed by organizational members of the SCTE Standards Program

What is the SCTE Standards Program?
The SCTE Standards Program is the only cable-specific ANSI-accredited forum for the development of technical standards and operational practices that support the broadband telecommunications industry

Can my company join the SCTE Standards Program?
Any organization with direct or indirect interests in the broadband telecommunications industry are welcome to join the program

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What are the benefits of joining the SCTE Standards Program?

A wide range of benefits comes with joining the Standards Program. Organization members have the ability to provide input and expertise on developing and existing standards. Members also stay ahead of the curve by participating in working groups constantly churning out standards for new technologies and operational practices that cater to their corner of the market.

What is the difference between SCTE individual membership and standards membership?

SCTE Standards membership is organization-wide. When an organization joins the program, anyone employed by the organization can participate in standards development.

Why are SCTE standards important?

SCTE standards are what make up the foundation of the broadband cable industry. SCTE standards support the interoperability and interchangeability of components, help optimize network operations, and foster a health marketplace of products and services.

How are SCTE standards approved?

Standards are developed by subcommittees focused on specific areas of the industry. Members of the subcommittee vote to approve a final draft of the standard. Once the draft is approved by the subcommittee, it is sent for approval by the SCTE Engineering Committee. When the Engineer Committee determines that the draft is a value to the industry and a credit to SCTE, it is published and made available to the public.

My company is an existing SCTE Standards Program member. How can I get involved?

If your company is an active program member, you can create a personal account on the SCTE Standards Workspace

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I have an idea for a standard; where do I start?

Simply complete a Project Authorization Request (PAR) form. Include a proposed title or subject along with an abstract. Once complete, send it to, and staff will handle the rest.

Who can I talk to about the program?

If you still have questions about the SCTE Standards Program, let us know. Send us a message at or give us a call at (800) 542-5040